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with confidence.

The new Mandala exchange, powered by Binance Cloud, enables our users to experience better trading depth, security and transaction speed.

In preparation for the Mandala Exchange launch in Q4 2020, we are finalizing the utility functions of the MDX token.


Why Mandala?

Trade with confidence on a world-class matching engine with the largest liquidity pool in the world.


Mandala is committed to compliance. Our regulated global exchange operates with the highest standards of legal and regulatory requirements.


Mandala is protected by Binance's cutting-edge security. We also take

a comprehensive approach to protecting your information and investments. 


Our exchange shares Binance's liquidity, offering one of the largest liquidity pools in the world. Join us and trade hundreds of digital assets. 

World Class 


Binance’s cutting-edge security and risk management ensures our users’ funds are safe.

Penetration Testing

We perform regular penetration testing to highlight areas of improvement and to ensure our network infrastructure is protected. Additionally, we run a bug bounty program to help detect security vulnerabilities.

Information Security

Your information and funds are protected by Binance's industry-leading security protocols. All sensitive account information is encrypted at both the system and data levels.

Fraud Prevention

We protect every account with a two-step verification system to provide you with the highest level of security.


Platform Features

Built on top of the                                    infrastructure, the Mandala Exchange features competitive asset offerings, best in-class performance, and market-proven reliability. 


Available in Q4 2020

Source Hundreds of Digital Assets

Largest Liquidity Pool in the World

Industry-Leading Matching Engine

Stable and CCXT Certified Trading API

Fiat-to-Crypto Liquidity Ramps

Earn Rebates with the MDX Token

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