MDXT Token

Mandala has created a dynamic trading environment whereby the Mandala Token (MDXT) functions to provide specialized trading capabilities, referral rewards, and trading rebates. 




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Mandala Exchange users can unlock platform enhancements and receive trading fee rebates by locking MDXT on the platform. 

Trading Fee Rebate Program
MDX Token

Lock your MDXT token

Wait for 30 days

Trading Fee rebates

Receive trading fee rebates

Users must lock the required amount of MDXT token in their Mandala Exchange wallet for a period of 30 days or greater.

After the 30-day locking period, users accounts will be credited trading fee rebates in MDXT or USDT.

Trading fee rebates will be credited on a rolling 30-day basis based on the user's locking period date. Users claim their rebates by unlocking their MDXT tokens.

MDX Utility

If you’re a High Frequency Trader and not trading on Mandala Exchange you are quite literally losing $$ trade by trade!

Mandala Exchange Token (MDX) sole utility is built to help High Frequency Traders save money while trading on Mandala Exchange

MDX utility has a built in locking feature. The more MDX you accumulate and lock, the lower your trading fees are!

  • If the inviter’s daily average MDXT account balance is less than 80,000 MDXT and their base referral rate is 5%, they can choose to share 0% or 2.5% with invitees.

  • If the inviter’s daily average MDXT account balance is 80,000 MDXT or more, their base referral rate is increased to 10%, and they can choose to share 0% or 5% with invitees.

Earn referral rewards generated from the trading fees of accounts that sign up to the Mandala Exchange with your referral code. Lock 80,000 MDXT in your account to double the amount earned from referrals. Share up to 50% of your referral rewards with the accounts you invite.

Referral Program

Exotic Order Types 

MDXT Holders will be able to access advanced order types not available to the general public. 

Futures/Margin Fee Rebates 

The Trading Rebate system also applies to Futures/Margin trading. 

Trade Competitions

To be eligible for trading competitions, users will be required to hold various tiers of MDXT depending on the prize package and at the sole discretion of Mandala Exchange Ltd.  

Access to Trading Bot 

Community may access trading bots in conjunction with the Mandala Exchange, provided they hold MDXT tokens.  


To be eligible for certain giveaways or similar promotions, users will be required to hold various tiers of MDXT at the time of the promotion. Tiered token holders will be allowed entry at the sole discretion of Mandala Exchange Ltd.  

Social Trading & Leaderboards 

In order to access the social trading features of the Mandala platform users will be required to hold a certain amount of MDXT. 

Listing Fee Requirement 

Projects wishing to list their asset on the Mandala platform will be required to pay a % of their listing fee (if applicable) in MDXT as well as maintain a balance in MDXT via hot or cold wallet.  

Fiat On-Ramp  

Users will receive discounted fiat on-ramp processing fees based on their MDXT holdings.

Everything described herein is subject to Mandala Exchange Ltd.’s Terms and Conditions.

Mandala Exchange Ltd. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms. Please check the Terms and Conditions on the Mandala Exchange website periodically for changes.